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Kids With Food Allergies Announces Disaster Support for Families and Communities

Volunteer Emergency Readiness Committee to Serve People with Asthma and Food Allergies Who are at Higher Risk when Disasters Strike


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"Disasters often make it hard for people to locate or store their medications and safe foods, leaving them vulnerable and compounding the effects of the disaster even more for them".

Doylestown, Pa. (PRWEB) May 24, 2013

Kids With Food Allergies (KFA), a division of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), has created a Disaster Preparedness/Emergency Readiness Committee that will address the needs of the twelve million people in the United States with food allergies, and the 20 million who suffer from asthma.

With natural disasters on the rise, this committee will consult with national relief organizations to assist food banks and emergency response personnel with the special needs of adults and children with asthma and food allergies in the event of disaster, like the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma. Both diseases have a major growing impact on adults and children nationwide and access to daily medications and life-saving emergency therapies is critical for these patients. Disasters often make it hard for people to locate or store their medications and safe foods, leaving them vulnerable and compounding the effects of the disaster even more for them. Some of the unique requirements of this population after disasters include:

1.    Shelters without animals, with safe kitchens and asthma/allergy-friendly bedding
2.    Medications on-site including nebulizers for asthmatics and epinephrine for severe allergic reactions
3.    Food safe for food allergic, food intolerant and gluten free individuals
4.    Elemental formula for infants with special restrictive diet nutritional needs

The Kids With Food Allergies Disaster Preparedness/Emergency Readiness Committee is comprised of volunteers from across the United States. Future plans for the committee include putting together a map of citizens and resources in their neighborhoods. This map will allow emergency personnel to identify and assist those with special needs. The committee will also work with local food banks and kitchens, and will stand ready to answer questions from emergency personnel. A 1-800 number will be set up as well.
To find disaster support and resources for families managing asthma and food allergies, visit

About Kids With Food Allergies (KFA)
Kids With Food Allergies is a division of AAFA, dedicated to keeping children with food allergies safe and health by educating families and communities. Its rapid growth has been spurred by the unprecedented rise in food allergies, which affect about 1 in every 13 children. KFA’s program offerings focus on educating families and communities about practical food allergy management to save children’s lives and improve their quality of life. Its interactive website provides a powerhouse of resources, including the nation's largest online support community offering moral support, information sharing and food/cooking support; quality education materials edited by a multidisciplinary medical advisory team; and an online collection of 1,200 "allergy-friendly" recipes. KFA was recently selected by Wego Health as Best in Show for Community. To learn more, visit

About the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA)
AAFA is the leading patient organization for people with asthma, allergies and related conditions, and provides practical information, community based services and support through a national network of chapters and support groups. AAFA develops health education, organizes state and national advocacy efforts and funds research to find better treatments and cures. To learn more, visit

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