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AAFA Giving Educational Support Groups Copies of Kyle Dine's New Food Allergy DVD for Schools

Thousands of families with food allergies know Kyle Dine as a talented musician. Now, the performer is bringing his food allergy education into the classroom. 





Every Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) educational support group is eligible to receive a copy of the two-disc DVD set, Kyle Dine and Friends. One DVD is for ages four through seven.  The other DVD is for ages eight through 11.


The videos deliver what schools need to know in order to have a safe environment:

  • The essentials, such as what is an allergy
  • Safety tools, such as explaining epinephrine
  • Safe school tips, such as having no-sharing food policies
  • Inclusion, such as how not to be a bully


"After years of educating students at schools across North America, I've learned that children are eager to learn how to keep their friends safe," said Dine.  "But the resources to do so are limited."


These DVDs have quizzes and teacher resource guides to help with allergy education. Dine delivers the lessons through music, skits, trivia, and other ways that interest children.


"Iโ€™m so excited that this video will be a 'just press play' tool for elementary schools," he said.


"My goal is to get this DVD into as many schools and support groups as possible. Iโ€™m thrilled

AAFA is sending copies to their groups," Dine said.


So Deliciousยฎ Dairy Free is making the DVD distribution possible for the first 40 copies distributed. AAFA is funding the remainder.  In addition, any new support groups affiliating with AAFA will receive a set of the DVDs.


If you are an AAFA-affiliated educational support group (ESG) and want to receive a copy, send an email with your contact information to


Read more about becoming an AAFA ESG here.


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