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Label Reading Reminder: Unsafe Foods May Look the Same as Safe Foods


Reading labels is a vital part of keeping your child with food allergies safe. But food packaging of unsafe foods can look similar to safe foods.

For example, Pepperidge Farms' Goldfish Crackers are a popular treat for kids. The original Goldfish Crackers do not have sesame. But Pepperidge Farms has a new product called Goldfish Veggie Crackers that have sesame.


The Goldfish Veggie Crackers package can be easily confused with other Goldfish flavors that do not contain sesame. They may also look the same as other Goldfish flavors when they are outside the bag.

Always read labels carefully. Product packages may look alike. Manufacturers may also change ingredients without warning. Don't feed your child any food if you are not able to read the label.

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