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Kids With Food Allergies, a division of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, has many free resources for parents, schools, teachers and staff to use to prepare for the upcoming school year and keep students with food allergies safe.


Partnering with Your School Nurse for a Safe School Year (Video and Resources) July 2013
Dr. Michael Pistiner, of, and Sally Schoessler, MEd, BSN, RN, Director at the National Association of School Nurses, share their insights about how you can partner with your school nurse for a safe school year. Resources include training materials for schools, videos for students and parents, emergency care plans, sample IHP plans and much more.



Food Allergy in School Part 1: What Parents Need to Know (Video and Resources) July 2012
Dr. Michael Pistiner, chair of KFA's medical advisory team, covers food allergy management in specific school settings, handwashing, school plans and more.


Food Allergy in School Part 2: Ask the Experts (Video and Resources) August 2012
Topics covered included school staff training, where epinephrine should be located, cafeteria concerns, partnering with your school and more. Guest speakers include the allergists who founded and school nurses and public health educators from across the U.S.


Stocking Epinephrine in Schools: What You Need to Know (Video and Resources) April 2013
Charlotte Collins, JD, of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and Dr. Michael Pistiner cover school and state policies for stocking epinephrine in schools for allergic emergencies. 


Filling a Prescription for Epinephrine Auto-Injectors? (Blog)
Learn about the four options available in the U.S., and things you should know before you get your prescription filled for school (including discounts).


New Report Shows Most States Fall Behind on Asthma and Allergy School Policies (Blog)
AAFA's annual State Honor Roll is available now shows that most states still don’t have core policies in place to protect millions of children and adults in schools nationwide.


Practical Food Allergy Management: A Quick Guide (PDF)
Download this free quick guide to essential information for parenting a food-allergic child. These tips will help you and other caregivers to prevent allergic reactions and prepare you to treat one should one occur. 


Back to School Basics: School Planning for Students with Food Allergies (Article)
A review on coordination of care, individualized health care plans, Section 504 Plans, and items to address when creating a care plan for students with food allergies.



Potential Food Allergens in School Crafts and Activities (Blog and PDF)
Unexpected places you can encounter common food allergens, along with alternatives and precautions that can be used. 
How to Manage Food Allergies at School (18 articles)
KFA articles that are filled with tips, advice, and how-to's to help you send your child to school (preschool, grade school, college) safely.

Nutrition and Food Safety for Students with Food Allergies (Video and Resources)
*School meal regulations for students with food allergies  
*Current thinking about food allergies in schools
*Establishing relationships with school food service directors and other school personnelnutrition-schools-video
*Packing nutritious creative lunches
*Making up for missing nutrients in allergen-restricted lunches
*Creative suggestions for lunches and after school snacks 

NEW! Sample Section 504 Plans for Managing Food Allergies 

A Section 504 Plan provides guidelines for changes in the classroom and other locations to provide a safe education.  See four examples of existing Section 504 plans for students with food allergies.


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