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The USDA is researching edible food coverings made from milk protein.

What will that mean if you are allergic to milk?

Kids With Food Allergies asked the scientist in charge of the project that question. Early news reports hinted that the edible food covering might cover bread, meat and other foods.

That’s not the case, said Dr. Peggy Tomasula, the USDA researcher. She said the intent is to create a product that would only be used on dairy-containing foods. The edible dairy-based wraps would follow FDA labeling laws for major food allergens.

The idea behind the project is to create a food covering that is biodegradable and sustainable. These wraps would also protect food from spoiling for a longer period of time.

It is also not something consumers could buy on a supermarket shelf, she said.

The protein-based wraps are also more friendly for the environment, because they are not made from petroleum, like plastic wrap. The wraps are intended only for use by industry as packaging, and are made from waste products during the milk production process.

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