New Allergy-Friendly Snack Bars and Cereal from Enjoy Life Foods

This week, Enjoy Life Foods has made two big announcements.  

The first is that due to popular demand, they are bringing back Perky's Crunchy Rice cereal (originally called Nutty Rice).  It is gluten-free, free of the top 8 allergens (milk, egg, soy, wheat, peanut, tree nuts, shellfish, fish), and verified non-GMO.  The ingredients are rice flour, rice bran, raisin juice concentrate, honey and salt.



The company has also unveiled a new product line called Enjoy Life Decadence Bars.  These snack bars are gluten-free, free of the top 8 allergens, non-GMO, free of artificial ingredients and kosher and halal-certified.  


They come in four flavors: Cinnamon Bun, Chocolate Sunbutter, Cherry Cobbler, and S'Mores.  These soft baked bars will start to appear on grocery store shelves in May 2013.


Enjoy Life Foods website

The information shared here is for your convenience only, it is not an endorsement or guarantee of the product's safety. Please read the ingredient labels and contact the manufacturer if needed to confirm the safety of a product for your child.


Posted by: Melanie Carver, KFA's Web Developer & News Editor, a long-time vegan and mother of two children with food allergies.


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