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Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation to Allow School Bus Drivers and Others to Administer Life Saving Epinephrine

Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed legislation sponsored by Assemblyman David Buchwald (D-Westchester) to allow school bus drivers and other contractors providing services to schools to administer epinephrine when a child suffers anaphylaxis shock.

The Centers for Disease Control reports the prevalence of food allergies among children has increased to nearly 6%. Food and other allergies such as bee stings and other airborne allergies can produce a serious medical emergency called anaphylaxis, which can lead to the closing off of the airway resulting in respiratory arrest followed by cardiac arrest. Many children who suffer severe allergies carry an epinephrine auto-injector which provides a life-saving dose of the drug. And while school district employees are allowed to administer epinephrine, until Assemblyman Buchwald’s legislation (A.7635) was approved, employees of school bus firms and other school service providers were not.

“I thank Governor Cuomo for signing this legislation and thank in advance the New York State Department of Health that will need to move quickly to issue the regulations necessary for the timely implementation of this act,” said Assemblyman Buchwald. “This legislation delivers vitally important protection to our youngsters who have severe allergies.”

Chappaqua resident Stacey Saiontz who campaigned for the legislation said, “Thank you Assemblyman Buchwald for not only recognizing the need for this life saving bill but for your hard work to make it a reality. I am so pleased that New York school bus drivers will be able to come to the aid of the severely allergic children in their care.”

“It's great news that Governor Cuomo has signed the bill and we thank Assemblyman Buchwald for his leadership on this issue,” said Jon Terry, founder of the Allergy Advocates Association. “The Assemblyman’s bill covers a big loophole in student school bus transportation that we were greatly concerned about.” 


David Buchwald/Kerry Donovan

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