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Kids With Food Allergies (KFA) hosted a webinar on July 28, 2015, called “Oral Food Challenges: What to Expect.”

Irene Mikhail, MD, an allergist immunologist at Nationwide Children’s in Columbus, Ohio, discussed:

  • Why and when to consider a food challenge
  • Preparing for the food challenge
  • What to expect during a food challenge
  • Life after a food challenge

We thank Dr. Mikhail for volunteering her time to prepare and present this webinar. She also answered many questions about oral food challenges (OFC), including:

  • When is the right time to do an OFC
  • Whether or not a child can be too young to have an OFC
  • Reactions that can happen after an OFC

Here is the video recording of the webinar. We have also included a list of related resources below.

Link to video on YouTube

 Attendees said the most valuable parts of the webinar are:

  • What to expect as parents when it comes to these tests
  • How to manage if the test "fails"
  • Coping with anaphylaxis
  • The importance of creating a relaxed environment before and after the test

We  thank Mylan for their sponsorship of this educational program. 


What is an Oral Food Challenge?

Learn what oral food challenges are and how to prepare for them.

Example Foods for Oral Food Challenges (PDF)

This handout includes suggested serving sizes and types of foods to bring to the allergy office for an oral food challenge.

Study Identifies Risk Factors for Biphasic Reactions in Children with Anaphylaxis
Biphasic reactions are reactions that happen hours after the first allergic reaction. This is a blog post about a study predicting which children are at risk.

Parents Give Variety of Reasons for Putting Off Food Challenges
A blog post about a study looking at why families postpone oral food challenges.

New Guidelines: When to Feed Peanuts to Infants

A blog post from our doctors about long-awaited early guidelines for introducing peanuts to infants at risk for developing peanut allergy. 

Food Allergy Test: What Does It Mean?
This blog post by Dr. David Stukus explains food allergy tests as well as medical language.

Anaphylaxis: Severe Allergic Reactions

A guide to understanding anaphylaxis, or a serious allergic reaction. Take all allergic symptoms seriously! Both mild and severe symptoms can lead to anaphylaxis. 

Join our community to follow our blog for the latest news on food allergy research and treatments. Our community also provides an opportunity to connect with others who manage these conditions for peer support.



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