Pledge Your #TealLove for a Child With Food Allergies This Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day can be a challenge for kids with food allergies. Candy and treats can mean being excluded or feeling unsafe. #TealLove means being inclusive of those with food allergies. How can you pledge your #TealLove to someone with food allergies on Valentine's Day?

  1. Show food allergy awareness with our #TealLove awareness ribbons. One in 13 U.S. kids has a food allergy. You can use these images as your profile picture or share on social media:

    food-allergy-awareness-teal-love food-allergy-asthma-awareness-Teal-Love



  2. Encourage non-food gifts which are safer and more inclusive for everyone. Find tips to celebrate L-O-V-E on Valentine's Day.

  3. If you or your child has food allergies, get involved in food allergy research by joining our Food Allergy Patient & Family Registry (Registry). The Registry is a program to collect, manage and analyze data from and about people with food allergies. It will advance research through patient information. Our goal is to find ways to prevent and cure food allergy.


  4. Pledge your #TealLove by donating in honor of a child with a food allergy. When you send a gift to Kids With Food Allergies, every donation helps our efforts to raise awareness about life-threatening food allergies and keep children safe and healthy.

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