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Tips to Safely Celebrate Chanukah with Food Allergies (with Handout)

Chanukah is a fun and exciting holiday for children. Children look forward to the candles, games, gifts, parties and fun. Since many Chanukah celebrations center around food, it takes extra planning to make sure everyone has a safe and happy holiday.

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Download and share our new Chanukah handoutDownload PDF with friends, family and teachers. It has many ideas for a safe and joyous celebration. This new tip sheet includes non-food ideas for:

  • Family celebrations
  • School celebrations
  • Crafts and games

Remember to check out our Safe Eats® recipe collection. You can find allergen-free versions of traditional Chanukah foods. If you need help finding safe recipes, join us on our community forums!


Lynn, a community member, made a challah menorah! She used Yael’s Challah recipe that is egg- and dairy-free. She twisted the dough into ropes and shaped by hand to create the “flames.”

Looking for a latke (potato pancake) recipe? Try this one that is egg- and dairy-free and can be made with or without wheat or gluten.

For sufganiyot (jelly donuts), try Yael's Vegan Jelly Donuts or Kathy P’s Gluten-Free Raised Doughnuts.

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