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Wonderful news from the great state of Nevada: Two students' lives have been saved thanks to their state stock epinephrine law, including one on Feb 12th, when "an 8th-grade student complained of an inability to swallow, difficulty breathing, and a rash after he sampled a variety of foods during cooking class. While the staff called 911 and the school's code blue team responded, school nurse Robin Reinders grabbed an EpiPen from the clinic cupboard and administered a dose into the student's thigh. By the time the ambulance arrived, the student's symptoms had subsided and his mother took him to the emergency room for further treatment and observation."

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Up to 25% of the severe allergic reactions that occur on school campuses are experienced by those having their very first anaphylactic reaction. Since they have not yet been diagnosed with their allergy, they do not have prescriptions for the first-line of treatment for anaphylaxis - epinephrine.  Stocking undesignated epinephrine for use in allergy emergencies saves lives.

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