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If you think you are noticing more food products recalled for allergy concerns, you are right.

recent report found that so far this year, more food recalls were due to undeclared allergens than for any other health reason.


MedPage Today and VICE News looked at Food and Drug Administration (FDA) food recalls. The FDA issues recalls for undeclared allergens, such as for milk, peanut, egg, wheat, or other top-8 allergens  not listed on the label.


The FDA also recalls food that contains disease-causing organisms, such as Listeria, Salmonella or E. coli.


The report said that as of Oct. 28, 2015:

  • There were 150 undeclared allergen recalls - double the number since 2009.
  • There were 47 listeria recalls.
  • There were 67 salmonella recalls.
  • Two other recalls included both listeria and salmonella.


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