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Food Allergy Awareness Week is under way! Thank you for all you’re doing to help us raise awareness about food allergies.

Have you entered our More Than Food Allergies photo sharing contest yet? It’s a great way to raise awareness and have a chance to win a “healthier home” package.

Show us how your child is #morethanfoodallergies. Take a picture showing how your child overcomes food allergy barriers and lives a full life. Upload it to our online community to enter. Three winners will be selected this week from all eligible photo entries.

The contest ends on May 18, 2019.

To enter the photo contest:

  1. Take a picture showing how your child is more than food allergies. Show how your child overcomes obstacles that managing food allergies puts in their way.
  2. Upload your image to KFA’s online food allergy community. You must be registered to upload your image. All photos shared can be seen by the public. Only registered members can upload photos, add comments or view members' profiles or signatures.
  3. Include a description with your photo. Tell us how your child overcomes the challenges of managing food allergies.
  4. Images will be added to our photo mosaic.


Here are some of the photos we’ve received so far:

Writing to help kids not fear their food allergies. Photo credit: Food Allergy Kid's Mom

My Food Allergy Warrior. Photo credit: Dee Wilson

Modern day minstrel. Photo credit: Jekisbell

Visit our photo mosaic on to see your photo along with others who live beyond food allergies every day. Winners will be announced on the photo stream and on our blog.

more-than-food-allergies-contest-2019-SM-sq-prizes-r (1)

Winners will receive a "healthier home" package of CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly® products and food allergy awareness items (approximate retail value is $267.75). Members outside of the United States may share their photos but are not eligible to win. Up to three (3) entries are permitted; however, there is a limit of one prize per person. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. U.S. residents, 18+. Promotion begins 5/12/19 and ends 5/18/19. Read official rules.

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Congratulations to our third #morethanfoodallergies 2019 winner! 

Dylan, 7, and Logan, 4, need their family's help to manage food allergies, asthma and eczema, but they do it with confidence and winning smiles.

"They overcome their allergies by not letting it get them down," says their mom, Ruby. "They play, they laugh, and they live their best lives even if they can’t have that piece of cake."

#morethanfoodallergies 3

Kids With Food Allergies
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Congratulations to our second #morethanfoodallergies 2019 winner! 

Rising high school senior Kylie Rogers discovered she had a severe allergy to peanuts four years ago, but she doesn't let it steal her joy, even when it can prove to be a hurdle to leap.

"She has navigated her way through high school with this allergy, and it is not always easy," says her mom Gail Rogers. "High school is a very social time for teens, and Kylie has to often say no to events, and restaurants that are not safe for her.  However, she has continued to face this obstacle with confidence. She has used her allergy to educate friends, family, teachers, and coaches on the inclusion and acceptance of people with special circumstances. She participates and excels in several sports, has leadership roles in student government and is an honor roll student. Kylie will be a senior in high school this year, so we are spending the summer touring college campuses."

#morethanfoodallergies 2


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Kids With Food Allergies
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Congratulations to our first #morethanfoodallergies 2019 winner! 

Mason's family's challenges started at his birth. It took several months before he was diagnosed as having food allergies and FPIES. 

Kristal, Mason's mom, says, "I say there are a lot of challenges. However, we have been blessed to have a family willing to learn about his needs and actually do something about it." She adds, "This is our way of life, our "normal". It has been a learning curve for us. We have found that communication and explanation are big when you have someone with dietary restrictions. You have to be their advocate, especially when they are so young."

Winner tougher-than-food-allergies-and-fpies

How are you #morethanfoodallergies? Upload a photo of you, your child or family and caption the image that shows how you are unique and how you overcome obstacles that asthma puts in your way. Images will be added to our mosaic on our More Than Food Allergies page. Three winners will be selected during May from all eligible photo entries!


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  • Winner tougher-than-food-allergies-and-fpies
Kids With Food Allergies
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