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Back-to-school season is here! Join Kids With Food Allergies and celebrate the beginning of another successful year. 


Visit our School Planning Zone for many free resources for families and school staff for managing food allergies in the school setting.




If you are just getting started with school planning, be sure to read our Must-Have School Planning Guide. Print and use it to make sure you don't miss important steps to send your child off to school safely.




Don't forget to check out past school-focused webinars filled with great advice and shareable guides to give to teachers and friends. 


Wondering what a 504 Plan is or if your child needs one? We have two webinars focused just on 504 Plans. Other past webinars include school nutrition advice for kids with food allergies and partnering with your school nurse.


Give your child's teacher these two guides:


Share a photo of your child starting a safe and happy new school year for a chance to win some wonderful prizes.


Lastly, be sure to connect with other parents on our Community Forums to let us know how things are going!


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