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New Eczema Garments Will Change the Way Doctors and Parents Treat Eczema in Children

Press Release-- AD RescueWear is the first U.S. Company to manufacture and sell ready-made, wet wrap therapy products for the treatment of childhood eczema. The product line includes the WrapESoothe Suit for full body treatment and WrapESoothe Sleeves for treating arms and legs. The WrapESoothe products were developed by AD RescueWear in consultation with leading allergists.


These new garments are a breakthrough for parents, doctors and nurses who struggle with wet wrapping children with eczema. The revolutionary design simplifies the full body and spot treatment of eczema. The WrapESoothe Suit and Sleeves replace the traditional treatment of using wetted gauze, shirts, pants, multiple pairs of socks and duct tape for fastening. Instead of the traditional time consuming and sometimes confusing process, the caregiver just wets the suit or sleeves and slips them onto the child. These products are reusable and machine washable.

The WrapESoothe products stay wet and close to the child’s skin for easy, successful wet wrap therapy. The WrapESoothe products are made with extra soft and smooth TENCEL® fabric that has excellent water retention qualities and maintains its stretch and shape when wet. Ordinary cotton pajamas become baggy, loose and uncomfortable when wet. TENCEL® fiber greatly reduces the rate of bacterial growth and has thermo regulating properties, making it a superior fabric for children with eczema.

The WrapESoothe Suit with enclosed feet and fold over hand covers and body hugging fit is the only one of its’ kind in the world. This full body suit with one zip entry, allows caregivers to quickly and easily wet wrap a child or baby. Fully enclosed legs, free of snaps or zippers, provide complete treatment contact and prevent children from scratching their legs and behind their knees, which are common places for eczema.  The WrapESoothe Sleeves roll onto arms and legs for easy application. Both products may also be worn dry to prevent scratching and protect skin.  The WrapESoothe products are designed similar to high performance athletic wear, utilizing flat seam technology throughout, which minimizes irritation from seams. Tags and labels are located on the outside of the garment to prevent irritation. The WrapeESoothe Suit and Sleeves are registered as Class I Medical Devices with the FDA and the Suit has a Patent Pending. The Suit is available for infants and children ages
6 months – 3T, the Sleeves fit children ages 18 months – 7 years.


If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Beth Scott, Founder of AD RescueWear, please call 303-953-4137.



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