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Jessica Martin, Food Allergy Sleuth blogger, scientist, and mom of two young boys, explains the recent reversal on recommendations for the flu vaccine, how it has been found to be safe for those with egg allergy, and her experience as a nerve-wracked parent making the choice to vaccinate her son. Dr. David Stukus and Dr. Michael Pistiner, allergists on KFA's medical advisory team, are featured in the article.

"I needed to see the evidence with my own eyes and not just some position statement or one doctor’s word. Fortunately, that evidence consisted of some of the most straightforward and convincing data I have seen in some time regarding allergies."

My Son is Allergic to Eggs. I Gave Him the Flu Vaccine Anyway.

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KFA provides more information about flu vaccine studies or the ACAAI's recent recommendations on flu vaccine and egg allergy

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