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Lynda Mitchell, Senior Director of KFA and mother of a 23-year-old with food allergies, shares some tips on how you can guide your child toward living an independent life as a young adult with food allergies.

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thank you for posting this video! I'm 23 years old and I have been living with food allergies since I was 8 years old. My parents have taught me how to live safely with food allergies since I had my first allergic reaction when I was younger. My mom (bless her heart) taught me how to use the Epipen after I got prescribed one since she carries one for a bee sting allergy. Since then, I ALWAYS read ingredients and food labels to make sure what I'm eating doesn't have anything I'm allergic to in it. Also I never leave my house without my epinephrine auto injector, liquid Benadryl, and my allergy action plan. I know what to do when I have an allergic reaction and how to use my auto injector. I also let those around me know what I'm allergic to so they can help prevent me from having a reaction.

Preparing Your Child To Live With Food Allergies:

Helping Your Kids Become Independent Young Adults

Although it may be hard to imagine, your children will leave home someday. The risk of exposure to food allergies doesn't go away as they grow into independent young adults. 

Watch this video as Lynda shares the following tips that have worked to empower her son to manage his own food allergies.


  1. Involve them at an early age to take responsibility for their own food allergy management.

  2. Empower them to ask questions about their food allergy and communicate with others.

  3. Train them how to use their epinephrine auto-injectors if one has been

 Lynda Mitchell is the Senior Director of Kids With Food Allergies, a division of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.


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