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Oops, sorry about that--I didn't notice the Tootsie Rolls.  I had changed the title of this clip based on the cake recipe, the marshmallow fondant, and that you can also make RKT without milk (using milk-free margarine, etc.)


There is a way to make modeling chocolate as a substitute for Tootsie Rolls so that this cake can be made truly milk-free.


There are several topic posts on our Food & Cooking or Celebrations forums regarding how to make modeling chocolate (using safe chocolate chips and corn syrup).  Modeling chocolate is easy to make and it's a fun project to do with kids.


Thanks, kandicejo, for sharing this picture and your tips on how to make a Perry cake!

The basic recipe can be found on the Wilton site Rolled Marshmallow Fondant. It's really super easy to make and work with, plus it tastes pretty good


My only gripe about their instructions is that marshie fondant should NOT be stored in the fridge. It needs to be left at room temp. 


My other suggestion is that if you need a brown color, use brown coloring not cocoa powder. The cocoa really messes with the texture and pliability too much. 

Sure! The body was 2 layers of Wacky Cake baked in a loaf pan. The legs, tail and beak (is that what a platypus has? lol) were rice krispie treats formed into the appropriate shapes. It was all covered in colored Marshmallow Fondant. The eyes are halved marshmallows with chocolate chip centers. The hair is tootsie roll. 

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