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Wishing all of the dads raising kids with food allergies a very special day!

Father's Day is about getting together as a family to celebrate all the great dads in your life. Dads raising kids with food allergies have an extra tough job and we thank them for all they do. For families managing food allergies, celebrations mean planning and serving safe food so everyone can eat and enjoy.

What do you have on the menu to show dad how much he's appreciated? Will you grill dinner? Make a family breakfast? Will it be a big family get-together or a quiet meal? It's a great time to get the kids in the kitchen to help cook...and clean up of course!

Here is some inspiration from the KFA Safe Eatsยฎ Recipe Database.


Surprise dad with breakfast to start his day!

Have the kids help make doughnuts. Kathy P's Gluten-Free Raised Doughnuts can also be free of dairy and egg. If you don't have a doughnut press, you can put the batter in a zip top bag, cut the corner off, and pipe "logs" into the hot oil.

Kathy P's Gluten-Free Raised Doughnuts 

If you have a doughnut pan, you can use almost any muffin recipe to make doughnuts. A drizzle of Vanilla Glaze makes them extra special! Here are some great options:


If doughnuts aren't dad's favorite, try this easy to make Top-8 Free Streusel Layered Coffee Cake.

Streusel Layered Coffeecake

Maybe pancakes? Buckwheat pancakes are a great wheat-, dairy- and egg-free option. Another favorite is these milk- and egg-free pancakes. For a yummy topping, have the kids chop the apples for this Quick Apple Filling.

Pancakes, Egg and Milk-Free


Planning to fire up the grill? There are lots of tasty and allergy-friendly options!


Try these Crispy Firecracker Corn Fritters for a unique side or vegetarian option.



Nothing tops off a fabulous meal like dessert! 

If the weather report calls for frozen treats, no one will guess that this decadent Frozen Berry Mouse is milk-free! Pick up some silicone molds at the craft or dollar store. If you really want to wow dad, make an Ice Cream Cake using safe ice cream, cookies and whipped topping!


If dad prefers cake, this Vegan Pineapple Cake is free of milk, egg and nuts. It can even be made ahead and frozen. No need to be baking instead of spending time as a family!

Vegan Pineapple Cake

How will you celebrate dad and thank him for all he does?

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