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Dairy-Free, Egg-Free Rainbow Cake Surprise

For our final day of KFA's Cake Week, our guest blogger is Dr. Meg Edison from Speedbump Kitchen, who is also a medical advisor for KFA.

Rainbow Surprise Cake

by Megan Edison, MD


I’ve made this a few times now, with bright colors and with pastels. It would be great with green and red batter for Christmas, or blue and red batter for 4th of July!


The important thing about making this cake, is making it after hours or when the kids are out of the house so they can’t see the process. Cutting it has to be a surprise. My girls were VERY concerned about the cake. They saw the plain white cake and kept asking me “are you SURE you’re done decorating?” Katie was concerned enough that she went into the garden and picked raspberries to put on top. The gasps and glee when the cake was opened…priceless.


To get this dairy-free, egg-free rainbow cake and vanilla frosting recipe, visit Speedbump Kitchen.



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  • Rainbow Surprise Cake: Speedbump Kitchen
  • Rainbow Surprise Cake: Speedbump Kitchen

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Thank you so much for your blog, Dr. Edison - I had no idea you were associated with KFA!  My son (actually, my whole family) greatly appreciate all of your kitchen creations!  Thanks for doing what you do.

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