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Enterovirus D-68: Take Precautions for Kids with Asthma

With kids back in school, the fall illness season has begun. An outbreak of the rare enterovirus (EV D-68) is hospitalizing kids across the country. Most people who are infected do not need to seek medical care and will experience cold-like symptoms, which can be treated supportively. However, kids, especially those with #asthma, are at higher risk for complications from respiratory infections. If you have a child with asthma, be sure that your child has an up-to-date asthma action plan created with his or her primary care doctor or asthma specialist. Keep a close eye out for severe respiratory symptoms, especially wheezing and difficulty breathing, and know when to seek immediate medical care. Teach your children to wash their hands often, to not share drinks or utensils and to avoid close contact with anyone who is ill.


There is no vaccine and no cure for this viral infection, which typically runs its course in about a week. If your child has cold-like symptoms, it is best to touch base with your regular doctor first. Emergency rooms should be used for those who need immediate medical care.


Visit the CDC to learn more about non-polio EV D-68:


Visit AAFA to download asthma action plans and information:





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