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Food Allergy To-Do List Before School Ends for Summer Break


Around the U.S., school days are winding down! As a parent of a child with food allergies, there are a few remaining items on your to-do list before summer arrives.


Is your child's class having an end-of-year party or field day activity? Make sure there is safe food on the menu your child enjoys. Or plan to send safe food with your child. Make sure others know how to avoid cross-contamination when serving.


On the last day of school, collect your child’s unused medicine from the school nurse. This includes epinephrine auto-injectors and possibly other medicines, such as asthma quick-relief inhalers.

If the medicine is not expired, you can send it with your child to summer camp, if they are attending. Or, take it along as extras on vacation. It is always a good idea to have extras handy when you are far from home.


If the nurse or a teacher had emergency food (like in case your child forgot lunch) or a safe snack stash, pick that up as well.


Don’t forget to think ahead to the beginning of the next school year. Your school nurse will need new medical authorization forms and emergency action plans for the next school year. Make sure you have your annual allergist appointment scheduled before next school year begins. Most providers are swamped with school paperwork at the beginning of the school year, so get yours done early to avoid delays.


What else do you need to do before the school year ends? Follow our 10 School Planning Tips When Your Child Has Food Allergies. This will help you prepare for next year. Our shareable resource is also available as a PDF download. Consider making appointments now to meet new staff right before school opens again. This may include not only the new teacher but also the food service director, new nurse and other staff.

For now, thank your school staff for a great year, relax and have fun!

To help you with your school planning for next year, join our community. We will be sharing resources during the summer that will help you ensure a successful school year.



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