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To help you prepare for the upcoming "food" holidays, we're sharing a list of helpful recipe hacks or tips to help you cook and bake allergy-friendly foods. These solutions will help you Serve Allergy Friendly Eats. Be sure to follow our blog so you can receive all of the #SAFEHacks.

Problem: One of your favorite dishes uses nuts, but you need to make the recipe nut-free due to allergy.

Solution: There are many ways to substitute nuts in a recipe! 

Replace nuts with:

  • Seeds - a nut-free source of roasted pumpkin seeds (pepitas) or sunflower seeds makes a great replacement for nuts in granola bars, breads, and "butters".
  • Beans - specifically roasted soy beans, peas or chickpeas (garbanzo beans). You can roast beans in your oven very easily to make a crunchy, protein-filled snack. Roasted beans are a nice replacement for nuts in salads. Spiced and roasted chickpeas are a great "nut bowl" snack.
  • Pretzels. Yes, pretzels. KFA member Kathryn shared with us, "I like to use pretzels in place of nuts in recipes, like pie crusts and chicken coatings. I've also crushed them on top of desserts and ice creams where chopped nuts would go."  Did you know that you can also use pretzels to make a faux pecan pie? Pretzels normally contain wheat and/or sesame. There are gluten-free brands of pretzels available if you need to avoid wheat or gluten.


Mock Buckeyes


Nut-Free Pesto

Nut-Free Nuts Snack Bowl

Nut-Free Butter



Be sure to check out KFA's Safe Eatsβ„’ recipe database of more than 1,200 recipes to help you plan your allergy-friendly holiday menu.

If you have other tips on how to replace nuts in recipes, share your comments below!


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