Which Country is Best for Food Allergy Sufferers?

"Which country is best for food allergy sufferers?

For some travelers an errant peanut or hidden shrimp can be potentially lethal -- here's advice for those with concerns." -- Tips from CNN for traveling to a foreign country with a food allergy.

This article does a nice job hitting some important points to consider when traveling with a food allergy. Clear communication and pre-planning are also totally necessary. For additional tips about traveling with a food allergy see http://www.allergyhome.org/han...od-allergies/travel/

Living Confidently is a free Anaphylaxis Canada lead American and Canadian collaboration created to help families keep their kids with food allergy safe and happy.

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This is definitely an important thing to think about when traveling... You also need to make sure that you have some sort of translator or something that might help you tell a restaurant server about your allergies. When I went to Mexico, that was extremely helpful.

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