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Holiday Food Allergy Guide

Holiday Food Allergy Guide

KFA's Holiday Food Allergy Guide

Holidays can be stressful enough. But with so many seasonal functions centering around food, having a child with food allergies can be overwhelming. To help make the holidays more enjoyable, KFA offers many tips to help you celebrate safely.

KFA blog posts:

Navigating the Holidays with Food Allergies
Video presented by Kids With Food Allergies: Two allergists share their own families' stories about dealing with food allergies during the holiday season. Learn new strategies and tips on how to keep your children safe from unsafe food.

Celebrating Hanukah When Your Child Has Food Allergies
With a few easy tweaks, you can make Hanukah an exciting and enjoyable holiday for your children and the entire family, even if you are managing food allergies.

Celebrating Thanksgiving – Focus on the Day, Not on the Food
Each family living with food allergies must decide on their level of comfort in dining with family and friends and/or serving traditional Thanksgiving fare which can be allergy laden.

KFA resource articles:

Holidays Pose Extra Risks for Those with Allergies

KFA members have found hidden allergens in these holiday dangers and, in some cases, reported allergic reactions to them.

Thanksgiving Survival Tips
KFA offers tips on how to deal with the challenges of food during Thanksgiving. We also offer a 12-page free booklet filled with celebration ideas.

How to Enjoy the Holidays on an Allergy-Restricted Diet
How you can help your child obey their food restrictions during the holidays!

Parent's Guide to Celebrating Christmas with Food Allergies
Free PDF booklet filled with Christmas ideas for non-food related holiday crafts and activities, tips for safe dining strategies and recipes.

Parent's Guide to Celebrating Hannukah with Food Allergies
Food-free Chanukah crafts, games and activities to make and enjoy dreidels, menorahs and gelt; strategies for making meals safe, and allergen-free recipes for latkes and sufganyot.

Allergy-Friendly Holiday FOOD and Recipes:

KFA's Food, Nutrition, Recipes Blog Featuring Thanksgiving Recipes
Find milk-free, egg-free pumpkin pie; milk-free cream of mushroom soup; peanut-free buckeyes; milk-free, gluten-free biscuits and more!

Free Allergy-Friendly Recipes
Over 50 allergy-friendly recipes are free to preview. To access our collection of over 1,200 allergy-friendly recipes, sign-up for a KFA Family Membership.

Baking Without Allergens
Video guest starring cookbook author, Colette Martin. Topics include replacements for milk, eggs, soy, wheat and gluten and recommendations on how to get the best results for baking.

Allergy-Friendly Foods:

Allergy-Friendly Candy, Cookies and More
Find businesses that make allergy-friendly treats in our Allergy Buyer's Guide!

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