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We have a couple of tutorials on melting chocolate and making candies. The key is to not overheat it and not get ANY moisture in it!

How to Make Allergy-Friendly Chocolate Easter Bunnies - this has a great section on how to melt and temper chocolate.

How to Make Allergy-Friendly Chocolate Easter Eggs Candy - another, similar method for melting the chocolate.

You would just melt the chocolate and then dip the strawberries to layer in your mold. Make sure your strawberries are dry before dipping. You could also coat the inside of your mold to get more of a "casing" on the outside - at least at the bottom of the mold which will become the top of the cake when you unmold it.

I'd like to invite you over to our Food & Cooking forum - you can find help with any sort of cooking/baking question from finding safe recipes to making substitutions.

Hi @Ggfmommy and welcome!

Ooops! Meg posted about this cake when she made but the link never made it over here to the photo. Here is how she assembled it.

Hand dipped chocolate covered berries, piled into a silicone bundt mold. It's this shape basically because that was the only silicone mold I could find on my shelf (and I KNOW I have others -- or I'd swear I did -- that weren't cupcake size ones). It turned out well. Next time, I think I'd do a layer of chocolate on the bottom (top?) of the cake pan, so that you get the design all the way around. I didn't think about design - I was just thinking more of the ridges would hold the berries closer. There were a few "loose" spots, so once the whole thing was cold and unmolded (the silicone was helpful because I could just peel it off), I took a little more chocolate and piped it in the cracks - kinda like pointing brick Wink - and used a little more to glue down the candle. It did fall apart a little while slicing, but nobody complained and people were impressed it was sliceable. (Serrated knife.) I think because I was afraid of OVER-chocolating, and was a little skimpy in some spots.

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