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The scary part of Halloween should be witches and ghosts, not the candy. Food-centered holidays can be stressful when managing food allergies. With planning, your family can still safely enjoy Halloween.

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Candy Guide 2016

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Some families choose to #KeepItTeal and only have non-food treats. But if you are looking for allergy-friendly treats to hand out, or for the "switch witch" to leave for your little goblin, here are some top-8 free Halloween candy ideas. These candies are free of peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, egg, soy, wheat, fish and shellfish.

Top-8 Allergen-Free Candies

Halloween and fall-shaped chocolates in bags and totes
Chocolate bars with Halloween wrappers
Chocolate lollipops in Halloween and fall shapes
Dark chocolate and Caramela (diabetic-friendly)
Mini Chips and Morsels Snack Packs
Chocolate chips and morsels for making molded chocolates
All-natural chewing gum
Halloween-shaped lollipops
Mini pumpkin cups; Halloween figurines
No Fear Gluten-Free pretzels covered in vegan chocolate
Halloween-shaped chocolates
No No Spook Bar
Chocolate Bars - Mini, 1.2oz, 3.5oz
Chocolate chips for making molded chocolates
Old fashioned candy sticks in various flavors
Puffs in various flavors
Minis in peppermint or lemon
Dum Dum Lollipops*
Dum Dum Gummies
Circus Peanuts
Organic Sweet Candy
Organic Sour Tarts
Halloween novelty suckers - bats, brains, ghosts and pumpkins (no corn syrup)
Treat Packs of Fruity Bears
Spooky Spiders
Gummies - Bears and Worms
Jelly Beans
Sour Gummies - Bears and Worms
Fruit Rings
Organic Lollipops
Gummy Bears and Worms
Sour Beans
Hard Candy Drops

* Contains trace amount of refined soy oil used in processing.


This information is for your convenience. It is not an endorsement or a guarantee of the product's safety. Always read ingredient labels. Contact the manufacturer, if needed, to confirm the safety for your child.

Always read product labels to make sure treats are safe for your family. Some candies can be repackaged with other candies that may contain allergens. Be sure you know all of the label reading "tricks" to make sure your "treats" are safe.

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Mondelez seems to have gotten the message, or maybe there is someone keeping track of all of the dairy,egg, pn and tn free candy being bought!  Today I found big bags of the following combinations that are safe for us:

-Skittles and Starbursts

-Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish and Oreo minis

-Twizzlers and Jolly Ranchers

My work is now done!


Thank you so much for including our Red Bird Candies on your list! I saw that you included our Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Mini Puffs and they are delicious BUT they do have "Anhydrous Milkfat" and "Soy Lecithin" in the chocolate so we just wanted to point that out. Keep up the good work! 


Thanks for catching that Dinamet7. We've removed Fruit Snacks from the list. Only the Fruit Snacks use wheat as a processing aid. The licorice is made with glucose syrup made from wheat.

Kids With Food Allergies

The YUM Earth Fruit Snacks are NOT Top 8 free.  The last pack I purchased (and I just checked an ingredient listing linked from the Yum Earth website on as well) shows wheat starch in the ingredients. Yum Earth's website says the starch is processed enough to give them "Gluten Free" certification, but Gluten Free is not Wheat Free when you're living with ige mediated wheat allergy. May be safe for some celiacs, but certainly not Top 8 Free.


Benjamin - we note the trace of soy oil because it is not required to be labeled. However there are some people with soy allergy who do react even to highly refined soy oil.

As for the other ingredients, Kids With Food Allergies goal is to provide information on the safety of food with regard to allergens. We leave it up to families to make the decision about whether any particular food or product meets their family's standards.

Kathy P

It's cool to see a good list that a few companies use real ingredients to make their candy. I know I appreciate it for sure and can imagine more people do as well!

When we have certain food sensitivities/allergies, it's really helped me & many other parents & their children when we eliminated the artificial "junk" from our diets, since in every case from these people their health has increased. 

I am curious to know why the importance of making sure a trace bit of refined soy oil is such a major issue in something and not having the slightest concern about toxic, artificial & genetically modified chemicals & ingredients being used in some of these products listed above, such as skittles or lifesavers? The ingredient list of  (I'll just use skittles as an example) this particular candy actually makes health issues worse, not to mention everyone that's on the spectrum having learning & especially behaviors issues.

In the beginning I didn't pay any attention to it, but now I know better so I do better. 


Hi! Some companies on the list use dedicated equipment, and some may not - we always advise families to check if that is a concern, and we wanted to provide as much variety as possible. The number for Wrigley is 1-800-Wrigley, it seems, and they say to call for the most updated info.

I hope you have a Happy Halloween!


I am excited to see skittles, starbursts and lifesavers on here!   Did anyone confirm whether or not they have dedicated top 8 free equipment also? Or was this list compiled using ingredient lists only?  I know I should call them myself...just wanting to know the criteria used for the list.   Thanks!

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