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New Dairy-Free White Cheddar Puffs and Popcorn from Earth Balance

Earth Balance has created a new line of dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan snacks that include a new substitution for Cheetos Cheese Puffs.


The Vegan Aged White Cheddar Puffs are made with corn and navy beans.  They are free of dairy, wheat, gluten, eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, GMOs, and trans fats.

Free of Top 8 Allergens: Nutrition Facts

These will be available at stores that carry Earth Balance products and they are also available for purchase online. The Earth Balance website has a store locator tool.

The other new snacks are Vegan Aged White Cheddar Flavor Popcorn, Vegan Buttery Flavor Popcorn and PB Popps (peanut butter).


The first two popcorns are free of dairy, wheat, gluten, eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, GMOs and trans fats.  They do contain sunflower oil.

The PB Popps contain peanuts, oats, soy oil, pea, and sunflower; but are free of dairy and egg.

According to a representative from Earth Balance:

Our Earth Balance Popcorns are produced in a facility where peanuts and tree nuts are NOT present and in a different facility than our Earth Balance Peanut Butter Popps Popcorn is produced. 

Some of our Earth Balanceยฎ Spreads are produced at a facility in which peanut and tree nuts are present, but these allergens are not in our spreads and are not run on the same lines.

Earth Balanceยฎ Soy Milk is produced in a plant where tree nuts are present (almond oil).

Our peanut butters and nuts butters are produced in separate facilities from our spreads. Please be aware that Earth Balance is now making a coconut spread which is also being produced at a separate facility.


Kids With Food Allergies traveled to the Natural Products Expo West in search of new allergy-friendly foods.  We will continue to share our New Food Finds on our blog in the coming weeks.

The information shared here is for your convenience only, it is not an endorsement or guarantee of the product's safety. Please read the ingredient labels and contact the manufacturer if needed to confirm the safety of a product for your child. 

Posted by: Melanie Carver, KFA's Web Developer & News Editor, a long-time vegan and mother of two children with food allergies. 


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  • Earth Balance Puffs: Free of Top 8 Allergens

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Product Review: We tried the Aged White Cheddar Puffs and really liked them.  They are mild in flavor and not salty.  I was worried that the puffs would have the texture of Styrofoam, but they didn't.  They melt in your mouth. The entire bag was gone within minutes. If you like nutritional yeast, you'll like these Puffs.


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