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Ready-made cheesecake. For people allergic to dairy, it has represented the one dessert that has been the Holy Grail of desserts, until now. Daiya, maker of dairy-free and soy-free cheese products, announced a line of cheesecake this week in four flavors it calls β€œCheezecake.”


Daiya Foods

The flavors are New York, chocolate, strawberry and key lime. It also has a gluten-free crust. The company said the dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free. gluten-free cheesecakes are rolling out first in Whole Foods across the U.S.

The cheesecake is primarily made from coconut and pea protein; the crust is primarily tapioca starch, brown rice flour, sorghum flour, flax seed, molasses, and potato starch. Each box contains four servings. The ingredient lists are available on Daiya's website.




The information shared here is for your convenience only, it is not an endorsement or guarantee of the product's safety. Please read the ingredient labels and contact the manufacturer if needed to confirm the safety of a product for your child.




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