Egg-Free, Milk-Free, Gluten-Free Thumbprint Cookies

Egg-Free, Milk-Free Thumbprint Cookies, optionally Gluten/Wheat-Free*

by Kathy Przywara

These were one of my grandmother's favorite Christmas cookies!  I remember being in her tiny kitchen and helping her roll the balls and make the thumbprints in them. If I was as slow as my own children are helping, I'm amazed she was not totally exasperated!

It was one of the "must have" cookies that I've needed to make allergy friendly.  Thumbprint Cookies are egg-free and dairy-free.  I use my Brown Rice Flour Mix to make them Gluten/Wheat-Free.*

Usually, I roll them in plain sugar, but we decided to use colored sanding sugar this year.  They look so fun and festive on a cookie plate!  We used homemade apricot jam as the filling.  So yummy!


Kathy Przywara is KFA's Volunteer Coordinator and Assistant Community Manager. She is known as "KathyP" on our forums and has contributed dozens of recipes to our Safe Eatsยฎ recipe collection. 

To find more cookie recipes and to search by allergens you need to avoid, visit KFA's Safe Eatsยฎ Recipes:


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