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Does your family have food allergies? If so, we invite you to inform food allergy research. Our Food Allergy Patient & Family Registry (Registry) is a web-based program that gives you a place to share your experiences. The Registry is a program to collect, manage and analyze data from and about people with food allergies. It will advance research through patient information.

Our goal is to find ways to prevent and cure food allergy.

The first and only “patient-centered” food allergy registry focused on your real-world experiences.

The Registry focuses on patient-centered research and the patient's point of view. Your input influences the type of research studies conducted, so they cover the health topics most important to you and your family.

The Registry will combine your data with data from thousands of other people. This will allow us to see important patterns that affect people with food allergies.

Why should I get involved in medical research?

Patient involvement in medical research is critical. It helps researchers understand the issues involved with living with the disease. This gives researchers unique insight that doctors and other health care providers may not be able to give. Patient-centric research may also lead to better patient care.

An important food allergy report co-sponsored by AAFA singled out scientific and clinical questions about food allergies that need more research to answer. Our registry data will add to that effort, and we invite you to take part to make this a success.

To get started, simply

  • Register online (your child and/or yourself)
  • Enter some basic information
  • Complete a confidential Food Allergy History & Diagnosis survey

Patients and caregivers have an important part to play in medical research. To learn more and register, please visit today!

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Hi @Elisa2 - Can you tell me how far you got in the process? Were you able to create your account? Able to log in? On what page did it get stuck for you?

I just went through the process to create a new account and then log in. There are pages that load quite slowly.

Kathy P

Thanks! I'll forward this info, too. I know I was able to access the registry some months ago using Safari on Lion ... we'll get it sorted out for you. Thanks for wanting to participate! I have a feeling that this registry is going to help drive food allergy research far!

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