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Oral immunotherapy is currently being researched as a possible treatment for food allergy.  The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology is reporting mixed results from two studies of milk immunotherapy.

After several years, only 31% of subjects were tolerating at least full servings of cow’s milk with minimal or no symptoms, and 19% reported anaphylaxis at least once in recent follow-up. Twenty-two percent of subjects were consuming no or only trace amounts of milk." 

These findings call for more research into long-term outcomes of immunotherapy for food allergy.  For more information:

To find out more about oral immunotherapy and other food allergy treatments being researched, read our Medical Advisory Team's blog post: The Future of Food Allergy: Developing New Treatments

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I have a 12 yo dd with milk allergy.  I have been reading the many studies and articles on baked milk and milk oral immunotherapy.  I am wondering if there are any here that have tried this and what was the outcome.  The above article states that 31% were tolerating full servings of cow's milk.  The most recent articles seem to talk down this approach to food allergies because of this low %, but 31% is to me HUGE in comparison to almost 0% with complete avoidance.  


Wondering what others think or have experienced.  At 12 yo, I don't see any hope for my daughter with out trying baked milk or milk oral immunotherapy.  Some articles say it will be another 10 years before this would be a standard practice.  My daughter points out that she'll be in her 20's then.  If baked milk, for example, seems to help kids get closer to "out growing" their allergies, why wait 10 years to make this or oral immunotherapy standard?  

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