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Coming to stores in May 2014 - Pascha's allergy-friendly chocolate chips sourced from organic, fair trade, non-GMO cacao. Pascha is a company founded by parents who manage food allergies. The plant is completely free of the top 8 allergens and employees are not allowed to bring the top 8 allergens into the plant. The plant handles the product from bean to chocolate to ensure that the end result is free from milk, soy, peanuts, nuts, eggs, wheat and gluten (as well as fish and shellfish).


Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate Chips
Bitter-Sweet Dark Chocolate Chips
Unsweetened Dark Chocolate Chips (sugar-free, 100% organic cacao mass)

For more information, visit or call 1-855-472-7242 ext 102.




Kids With Food Allergies is currently at Natural Products Expo West in search of new allergy-friendly foods. We will continue to share our New Food Finds on our blog in the coming weeks.

The information shared here is for your convenience only, it is not an endorsement or guarantee of the product's safety. Please read the ingredient labels and contact the manufacturer if needed to confirm the safety of a product for your child.


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