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Earlier this week, Zarah Slay shared a Juice Box Robot picture on KFA's Facebook page.  We shared it with our fans and Marcella Rolwes took the idea, altered it to be safe for her daughter and shared it with us today.  Introducing Perry the Platypus Minions:


Photo courtesy of Marcella Rolwes


"Thank you so much for posting the Juice Box Robots the other day. It was just in time for my daughter's birthday treat at school. She's allergic to milk, egg, wheat, pineapple and macadamia nuts. Finding something they can ALL have is difficult but she loves the Perry the Platypus minions I made!" --Marcella R.

The idea is to use a juice or water box for the body, an applesauce cup for the head, and other safe (and healthy) foods for appendages such as: raisin boxes for feet, fruit strips or roll-ups for arms or tails, etc.  You can use glue dots, tape or hot glue to assemble the pieces together. 


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  • Non-Cupcakes Birthday: Idea shared on KFA's FB page and blog

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Hi Bustermonkey, you make a good point.  There are also children who are allergic to apples, so even the natural applesauces would be an issue.  


I think the thing to consider, whatever the occasion, is who is the audience, and what are the specific allergies people are dealing with.  With obesity and allergies such a concern across America, I applaud using fruit as a treat, but only if it is safe for the intended audience.  Non-food treats are also a great choice.


That is a cute idea. However, please remember anytime we offer food to our child's classmates we risk allergies. My youngest daughters is allergic to Yellow 5 (which is found in almost all applesauce brands - except the all natural). If she were to eat this snack, she would have a very severe rash for the remainder of the day. Most of us send snacks that avoid peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, milk, wheat.  But, allergies come in many different forms.


For classroom birthdays, I always avoid food. There are so many other items that the kids get excited about. One year we did smencils (smelly pencils). Kids loved them!

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