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On June 19, 2013, Kids With Food Allergies hosted a free webinar with guest speakers Colette Martin and Deb Indorato, RD, on the topic of how to make an allergy-friendly cake free of milk, eggs, soy, wheat, gluten and nuts.  Colette shared a vanilla pound cake recipe from her


To learn the step-by-step instructions and her six secrets to mixing the perfect batter, watch the video of our online baking class/webinar:
Video: The Perfect Allergy-Friendly Cake.

We received over 150 questions during the class and could not respond to all of them during the time allotted.  For more information about baking without allergens and to learn more tips and tricks from Colette, watch the video from her previous webinar: Baking Without Milk, Soy, Egg, Wheat, Gluten and Nuts. She also blogged Baking Without Allergens - Your Questions Answered. We recommend that you check out these resources as they are filled with great information that will help you learn how to bake without common ingredients.

You can post any questions you have on our Food & Cooking support forums at any time. Registration is free!


Kids With Food Allergies has an large (over 1,200) collection of allergy-friendly recipes available. We also share recipes on our Food, Nutrition and Recipes blog.


Raspberry Compote Recipe

During the Perfect Allergy-Friendly Cake webinar on June 19th, I promised that I would share the Raspberry Compote pictured with the Vanilla Pound Cake that I demonstrated during the class. This is a very simple sauce that can be made with any soft fruit and with just about any sugar. This recipe makes about ½ cup of sauce. Double the recipe for a larger batch.
PerfectCake1 1 cup fresh or frozen raspberries
3 tablespoons sugar
½ tablespoon lemon juice

1. Combine all of the ingredients in a small non-reactive saucepan over medium low heat. Stir occasionally until the sugar is melted.
2. Heat for ten minutes more, stirring frequently.
3. Use a fine mesh strainer to separate the fruit and seeds from the juice. Use the back of a spoon to squeeze the juice from the fruit through the strainer.
4. Drizzle the compote over cake, or under the plate as a garnish.

I don't like to throw anything away, so I reserve the leftover fruit/seed mixture and use it as I would use jam. This sauce is terrific served warm, but can easily be made ahead and refrigerated. It’s also terrific on your favorite non-dairy ice cream!  — Colette


You can follow Colette Martin on her blog, Facebook page, or on Twitter. Her book, Learning to Bake Allergen-Free, is available on


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Hi Pedro,

Thank you for your input. We are actively asking for our constituents' opinions about our recipe database and how we can improve what we offer for families with food allergies.  Here is a link to the survey if anyone is interested in helping guide the updates we plan to make this year:

Here is the link to our recipe collection:


You will find more than just cake and desserts there.

Thank you,

Melanie Carver
Web and Community Director
Kids With Food Allergies
A Division of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

Melanie Carver

The title of the recipe is more referring to the taste and texture.  Everyone has to make their own determination if something is "healthy" by their own definition.  We don't make that judgement call here.  If someone feels that processed sugar, no matter what the form, is unhealthy, then they should look for a different recipe.  If they feel it is fine in moderation, then this recipe might work for them. 

Kathy P

I put my comment because of post's title:
«The Perfect Allergy-Friendly Cake and Raspberry Compote Recipe»
The word «perfect» is the problem.
You surely know that anyone reading that it will assume there's nothing wrong with it, hence it's «healthy».
Which is not!

The reply confirmed it!
«No one said GF is healthy.»
Shouldn't be? Shouldn't we promote GF healthy eating?!
«Everything is in moderation.»
Unhealthy in moderation?
I do find the above arguments curious...

Pedro Carlos Alves
Originally Posted by Pedro Carlos Alves:

Sugar and salt?!?!?!?
Evaporated cane juice is an euphemism for sugar and applesauce has it too. This isn't healthy!

No one said GF is healthy. Everything is in moderation.


 welcome to KFA!  


The gluten free flour blend used by Colette is mentioned in the webinar.  You can use any gluten free blend that works for your allergy set.  There are some recipes listed here: http://www.kidswithfoodallergi...allergy_recipes.html


You can also visit our Food & Cooking forum for more assistance.  http://community.kidswithfooda...rum/food_and_cooking

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