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So the biggest secret to this cake is a bunch of inedible plastic decorations you can buy and just stick in. 


I feel bad for my little boy, as you do. Plastic parts make the cake look really fabulous with only minimum cake decorating skills. You have to know how to put on icing and make different colors. Get a good, safe cake and icing recipe. I have baking pans and cutters I only use for his cakes. You can get cake decorating tools at AC Moore or Michaels. My cake is far from perfect, no one would pay me to do this but he is so delighted it makes it all worth it.


I have googled and it seems this particular set is discontinued, but I would try googling yourself and maybe stalking ebay, depending on how long you have until your son's birthday. The manufacturer was DecoPac and the item # was 6192. They do make different Thomas sets that are really nice too, just different. Lots of ideas for train-loving boys here:



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