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Stuffing recipes typically use cubes of bread. If you do not have a safe bread to use, the solutions below will help you Serve Allergy Friendly Eats. Be sure to follow our blog so you can receive all of the #SAFEHacks!

Problem: You don't have a safe allergy-friendly or gluten-free bread to make stuffing.

Solution: You can substitute bread cubes with any of the following to make stuffing:

  • Wild rice pilaf
  • Brown rice with mushrooms
  • Cornbread
  • Cooked whole grains (buckwheat, millet or quinoa)
  • Roasted, puffed cereal (such as amaranth)
  • Mashed potatoes


PA Dutch Potato Filling

If you have a safe bread, you can make your own stuffing mix. Try one of these delicious recipes:

Find more cooking help and allergy-friendly recipes on our community.


Updated November 2018


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