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Attention, bakers, creators and dessert lovers!

We’d like you to share your best, original allergy-friendly dessert recipes with the Kids With Food Allergies (KFA) community. Your recipe could be included in an upcoming KFA recipe e-book, Safe Eats® Desserts. You’ll also have a chance to win prizes and the acclaim of your friends and family!

In partnership with So Delicious® Dairy Free, KFA is looking for the best vegan*, peanut and tree nut free desserts to share with our community. Winning recipes will highlight creative and imaginative ways to prepare your allergy-friendly desserts. And while we would love for you to include a So Delicious® Dairy Free product in the recipe, it is not necessary to do so.

Why not turn a traditional dessert into an allergy-friendly one? Or share your family’s favorite vegan brownie recipe or go-to birthday cake recipe? What about an allergy-friendly version of apple pie, cherry pie or pumpkin pie? There are always cookies, puddings or sorbet, too. The possibilities are endless!

Submit your best, original recipes to the KFA Safe Eats® recipe database for a chance to be published in the Safe Eats® Desserts Recipe e-Cookbook, and a chance to win some great prizes!

Entries will be evaluated and judged on a 100-point scale as follows:

  • A maximum of 40 points for creativity and originality of recipe
  • A maximum of 30 points for ease of preparation
  • A maximum of 30 points for presentation (based on submitted photo)

One selected winner will receive one (1) $250 gift card to, and four (4) selected winners will each receive one (1) $50 gift card to All individuals with recipes selected for Safe Eats® Desserts will be sent one (1) So Delicious® Dairy Free free product coupon.

  • The contest runs from September 7, 2016 through October 12, 2016.
  • Recipes should be free from: all animal products, peanuts, tree nuts (coconut is okay), eggs, dairy, fish and shellfish. And while we would like them to also be wheat, gluten, and soy free, they don’t have to be.
  • Recipes should be original and never published previously. The recipe you submit will become property of Kids With Food Allergies.
  • Recipes must be submitted through our Safe Eats® recipe database in order to be considered for selection and include a valid e-mail address.
  • Recipe must list every ingredient with exact measurements and complete directions. Remember to include oven temperature, baking pan size, and baking or chilling times.
  • If using a So Delicious® Dairy Free product, please list what specific product and variety you used.
  • Recipe must include at least one photo (minimum width size 1800px) of the finished dessert.
  • Recipes must be submitted by October 12, 2016. Winners will be notified by October 26, 2016.
  • Multiple entries of unique recipes per person/e-mail address are permitted; however, there is a limit of one (1) prize per person.
  • View the official rulesDownload PDF for all the Contest details

We’re excited to see all of your delicious allergy-friendly dessert recipes! So pick your favorites and enter the contest today for your chance to be featured in the upcoming KFA Recipe e-Cookbook, Safe Eats® Desserts, and for a chance to win a prize!

Remember to submit your recipes by October 12, 2016 through the Safe Eats® recipe database in order to be considered for selection.


Safe Eats® Desserts will be available for free to all members on the KFA community by early December 2016.

*vegan: recipe should use no products derived from animals


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Thank you to everyone who submitted allergy-friendly recipes to the Safe Eats® Desserts Recipe Book Contest. There were many great recipes entered that it was difficult choosing the winners.

Congratulations to the grand prize winner:

Kathy F. who shared her CoCo-Licious Brownie Dream Bars recipe.


The four first place winners are:

  • Key Lime Parfaits – Megan L.
  • Mini Raspberry Cookie Shooters Ted B.
  • Chocolate Coco Whipped Freeze Nicole D.
  • Chocolate & No Nut Butter Cupcakes Tracy B.

We can't wait to share all these delicious allergy-friendly desserts later this year in our Safe Eats® Desserts e-Cookbook!


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Kids With Food Allergies

Hi @Doingmorewithlessmom,

My apologies for the slow reply to your question! 

When you submit the recipe, it publishes on our KFA website along with the name you entered. For recipes that get added to the recipe cookbook, we will add the recipe creator's name (however people choose to be identified) and a short bio from the creator. 

The copyright becomes KFA's so that we can publish and promote the recipe(s). 

If you have a recipe you'd like to donate, just be sure that what you submit to KFA is unique. If it exists elsewhere (like on a blog), change the written directions sufficiently so that they are not exact copies. That way, there won't be two different places publishing the same content.

Please let me know if you have any other questions and we look forward to seeing your recipes!

Thank you!

Melanie Carver

I have a quick question. If I submit a recipe, KWFA then owns it? If KWFA reprints the recipe or uses it, would I be mentioned as the original creator or do I loose all rights to it once I submit?


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