October 8, 2015
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GAIN: Information. Support. Understanding. Hope.
LEARN: How to Keep Your Child Safe and Healthy.

Our award-winning community is the largest online support community for families raising children with food allergies. We have support forums for parents of babies, toddlers, 'tweens and teens. In our Food & Cooking support forum, you will receive personalized help to assist you with creating safe and healthy allergy-friendly foods for your family.


#KeepItTeal: A Safer and More Inclusive Halloween for Kids on Special Diets

Do you want to make Halloween safer for children with food allergies? Download and share #KeepItTeal pumpkin posters and other safety tips from Kids With Food Allergies. Show your community that offering non-food treats is a safer way to celebrate Halloween for trick-or-treaters on special diets.


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